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Northwest MS community college


I am trying to get as much info as I can. If you know the answers or are already in program. Please answer. How do semesters work if you already took all classes besides nursing classes? The way the schedule looks you only take 2 nursing classes the first semester. Can I take more because I already did all my non-nursing classes? Thanks in advance.

Nope it will be 4 semesters and you must have at least 12 hrs per semester. Work towards BSN or MSN with those extra hrs. i sure wish I could have. Its Freshman I and II and Soph I and II. If you're a LPN then you could challengefirst semester but other than that it will be a very long two years


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I'm in the same boat! The only class I don't have is Microbiology! I wish there was an early graduation option! I'm waiting (on pins and needles) for my acceptance letter (I hope) for Fall 2013!

How much do they pay nurse interns and at what time of your class or year can you apply for such positions?