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Northeastern Direct Entry Hybrid

Just got the call that I was accepted - Neonatal track! Anyone else hear back?? The program starts May 6th haha so I'm already freaking out about getting prepared by then!

hey hellosun, I heard you got in congratulations. I have not heard anything yet sadly. I was wondering did your application status change on the online application website that it was under review. Mine still just says submitted. and what did they tell you about the other slots they where filling anything.

did you apply to the summer program or fall also

Hi sj10125. My application status didn't change online, and I didn't hear anything about other applicants. I applied to the summer start but I might try to defer until the fall start. I'm assuming they probably will wait until later about fall start admissions since I just got a call about the summer start. Does that make sense? haha.


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