LPN in canada..

  1. If I do LPN in USA and move to canada what are the chances of getting job over there?.Do US LPNs have equal opportunities in CANADA?
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  3. by   shadowapollo
    You will have to check that out with the Canadian board or nursing
  4. by   LanaPradaNurse
    Good luck. I have tried to obtain a secured position in Saskatchewan for over three years. I am from the States but have been licensed with Saskatchewan Canada for three years now. I have been hired by at least fifteen employers. The problem ultimately is getting the stamp of approval from the Canadian government. HRDC will give the employers such a hard time about hiring an American that eventually the employers give up on the American applicant. I have heard that other provinces especially Alberta have an easier time gaining approval from HRDC because of their extreme need for nurses. Of course, RNs are more needed than LPNs, so it is easier for them to get in.
  5. by   royhanosn
    sounds typical of OUR govt! they do not see that we work hand in hand with RN's. Our govt appears to be retarded in seeing beyond their office! Typical of other professions, whether engineering, dr, all are subject to our govt slowness.