1. Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics that are local or state related. Enjoy!
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  3. by   schoolgirl2006
    Hi all. Starting the LPN program in Detroit Lakes this fall...19 days and counting(commuting from Fargo)!! I'm pretty psyched to be back in school!! Best of luck to all the nursing students out there!!! Lord Bless... Jen
  4. by   suznan

    I am currently in the ADN program at LRSC. It's moving fast and I will be done in May.

  5. by   jennyboofRN
    Hi-I am new to this site and have been enjoying reading all the interesting entries. I am a RN from North Dakota-been living here in this state for 17 years. Do enjoy it but I am wanting to get away from the cold and am heading off to Las Vegas to work- anyone ever work there and can give me some advice? I am really looking forward to the adventure and much more challenging nursing. Let me know if anyone has info for me!