Bismarck State College?

  1. Does anyone have any experiences they can share with Bismarck State? My husband I are are strongly considering moving back and I'd love to hear any info, especially about the LPN-RN program.
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  3. by   lunanarya
    I'm not physically at Bismarck State College so I can't speak to how the clinical/lab instructors are, but I am a student in the Dakota Nursing program at another site and the BSC students attend some of the same lectures as I do.
    I actually came to the program after doing my pre-reqs at another college in another state, and I have to say I have been floored by how tough, but fair the instructors are. They give you a lot of resources to use and I genuinely feel like they want you to succeed

    I would recommend contacting the college directly by email and/or checking out the Dakota Nursing Program website. I don't know who the site coordinator is for BSC, but they tend to respond very quickly. As a LPN already, I believe you'll have a slightly different application and process to go through than I did, as I'm in the LPN program there now and (hopefully) moving into their RN/ADN program next year.
  4. by   luvmyc
    Thank you! I finally reached someone there and it sounds promising.