Where do you look to find out who's hiring?

  1. I'm employed by 3 agencies (I was just hired on at 2 of them) and none have work available right now. I love working in the home and have stayed busy for 1.5 years with 1 agency. I've been looking for work as an LPN anywhere other than a nursing home. I worked in a nursing home as a CNA 1 and 2. I really don't want to go back to a nursing home. I don't feel I can give the patients the care and attention they deserve with such high nurse/patient ratios. I've checked with local dr. offices and none are hiring. The area hospitals don't hire LPN's. I've been looking on craigslist and in the Sunday paper. Monster and careerbuilder and others really don't have much listed. Where do you look to find work? I've also made calls to local dr. offices. I love peds but don't mind learning/experiencing new areas of nursing. Where are the employers advertising for help?
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  3. by   rnintheeast
    Bayada is a Home Health Agency that employs LPN's.
  4. by   NurseKittyAtlanta
    Hospitals that don't hire for LPN positions will usually employ an LPN in a role such as "Emergency Dept Tech" or "Patient Care Tech". This may be something to consider during the downtime when your agencies don't have any work available.