Watts Nursing; NOW WHAT!

  1. Hey Everyone - I just got my test results yesterday in the mail. I scored 85 and 70 so I passed everything, now I'm getting my references together along with my applications. I'm still nervous about being accepted though, does anyone have any advice on what to expect next. I know my background check will come back clean, and I am getting three references from teachers, my gpa isn't the greatest though. Nervous about how that will affect everything. Also has anyone else received their results in the last couple of day?
    Thanks in advance for all your input
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  3. by   RiceChai
    What was your gpa when you were going into Watts? Did it go up during your time at MOC?
    I'll be taking my exam in October and I have a real bad GPA because I was not taking my education seriously until Senior year where I got all A's and B's (what a difference!)
    thank you!
    wish you luck with watts!