UNC vs. Duke Employment

  1. HI. I am moving to Chapel Hill from Virginia in June as a new RN-BSN grad. I have interviews with critical care units at UNC and Duke and wondering if anyone can provide me some experienced info on the autonomy/ morale/ salary, etc. differences/ similarities between the two. - THANKS!
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  3. by   bonniethiele
    Hi , I just relocated fromIL and was hired @ DUKE in OB. The benefits @ DUKE are better, I am not sure about pay but I have heard duke is better. There is also a $3000 relocation reimbursement from Duke as compared to 1500 from UNC. Overall, the rumor is Duke is a more positive place to work ( I am not sure about the icu environment) and parking is more of a hassle @ UNC. Of course I have been speaking to only Duke people, but I did choose Duke when comparing both. Also, Duke has a referral bonus of $2500 (I do not know if UNC has one), but I suggest You find out. IF you don't know anyone from Duke use my name and we can split the money (we would both make out) Good luck..moving is not fun!!! Chapel Hill is a great place to live and it has great schools if you have kids. My personal email is bonniethiele@hotmail.com.