UNC Chapel Hill 2014 bsn to dnp

  1. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has applied to this program??
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  3. by   LizOdidi

    I did apply to BSN -DNP track at unc chapel hill and I got in!! am very excited to begin in August 2014.
  4. by   rgbrn
    Congrats and good luck LizOdidi. How was it working with the admissions there? Were people helpful, friendly, etc?
  5. by   LizOdidi
    Hi rgbrn

    I actually work at the same university and if I could not get the answers I needed, I simply walked there. But overall the process went smooth, I had a good gap and strong nursing background supported by certifications. It was painstakingly hard to wait for decision am not sure how many people applied though
  6. by   PatMac10,RN
    I have some questions about the program, as I am applying for the BSN to DNP for fall 2015