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  1. Hello everyone. Does anyone know of any books that has a CD-Rom to take practice tests, multiple choice and games of material covered in the book. I am looking for subjects for pre-nursing classes such as Biology/Physiology, General Micorobiology, Intro to Chemistry and General Psychology and Nursing Assistant. I have an excellent Medical Terminology Book that came with a CD workbook with practice tests and games. I learn and remember better with a CD workbook. If anyone knows of any books, software, websites or material that will help me remember material as I go further along in nursing would be helpful. I would like to study material and use CD workbook before I take class. Thank you.
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    I do know that if you purchase the cna book there is a cd in the back of it that has multiple questions for each chapter. It is kinda of like a study guide for the book but unless you have a little medical background I am not sure if you could answer the questions with out first reading the chapters. Good Luck!