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  1. Hello all!I am a current senior at a nursing program in Virginia who is dead set on moving to the Charlotte area after school. I have already applied to 4 new graduate programs at Carolinas Healthcare, Novant, CaroMont, and Piedmont and am still waiting to hear back. I feel that I have been waiting for a while and am starting to get nervous that I am not going to get a job. I was wondering if anyone had heard back from these places/do you have any advice about the waiting period after applying. I would appreciate any knowledge/advice you can share. Thank you!!!
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  3. by   Ccipencil
    I've worked at Novant and Caromont. Pick Novant over caromont, pay is better and so is upper management
  4. by   mmf0811
    I applied to Carolinas Healthcare and Novant... All I've seen is that my carolinas application is under review and haven't heard anything from Novant. I'm so nervous and really impatient