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  1. Hi I am a nursing student in NH and am planning to relocate to NC upon graduation. We have been looking at the Charlotte area and I was hoping to get a little input from nurses currently working in the area. I am wondering if it is difficult to get a job as a new grad and if I would be better off to work a year in NH before relocating? We will most likely be looking in the Fort Mill area for housing (we have friends there now). Are there any specific hospitals in Charlotte that you would recommend I look at and are there any in SC near Fort Mill that you might also recommend? Lastly, I am leaning towards maternity and am wondering if that would even be a possibility as a new grad in this area? Thanks again for all your input, I have read some of the other posts regarding relocating to NC and was able to gain a lot of insight from those, but am looking for a little more specifics regarding being a new grad (and newly relocated) in the job market.
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