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  1. Hello!

    I am possibly re-locating to Durham this year and have started applying to hospitals. I have heard back from Duke and was just wondering about the hospital environment. I have heard that it is a great teaching facility etc. but how do they treat their nurses? Is overall job satisfaction high? Are nurses generally open to teaching/orienting one another and supportive of learning? I am a peds person and am interested in the peds cardiac icu there so
    any info would be wonderful!

    Also, how is living in the Durham area? Any suggestions or tips for a re-locator would be great!

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  3. by   rndog
    Duke is a great teaching facility. Unfortunately for nurses, they are the lowest paid in the area. Duke feels that it is your privledge to work for them. There are some very good units at Duke however, the peds cardiac icu is not one of them. The care is great but the working environment is tough. Very clickish and not open to teaching or supporting each other. In terms of the city of Durham, it can be a very rough place. Lots of great surrounding areas though.