NICU nurse relocating to Charlotte

  1. Hello, I am a NICU nurse from Miami and I an thinking of moving to Charlotte for school. I have been a nurse for roughly 3 years. I would like to know which hospitals in the area have NICU's and do these NICU's use agency. Also, $19/hr seems low (especially coming from Miami). How much can a nurse with 3 years of experience make? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   rsjenni
    I am probably not much help. I do know that Carolina Medical Center and Presbyterian Hospital both have a NICU, don't know what levels they are. Presbyterian pays about $1 ($19.50 or so)more an hour...if you think the pay is bad you have to put it in perspective. I moved here from Boston, where the new grad nurses make about $26-$28 an hour depending on the hospital/shift (could be more for shift diff.) (CMC = $22ish/hr Presby = $23ish/hr).

    The cost of living here in Charlotte is crazy...I am assuming Miami is significantly more expensive to live than Charlotte so hopefully it will equal out in the long run with the city cost of living and the (i'll admit) low paying salary.

    sorry that's not much help!! good luck!