LPN to RN Bridge

  1. Can someone please tell me if their are any short-term (9-18 months) bridge programs without a waiting list near the Raleigh/Durham area. I would like to start in Sept. 07' or at least by Jan.08'. I have a non-nursing Bachelors degree already and LPN. Just want to get the R.N. initials, I am not picky on the type of degree/certification. I am not to concerned about the $$$, just want to complete it while I am on a education high. I would prefer to take any/all prerequisits concurrent with program.
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  3. by   fayethlove
    DUKE & UNC have accelerated BSN programs for people that already have bachelor degrees in other fields. Also, Winston Salem state has a lpn-bsn bridge program.

    Good Luck!