LPN moving to Holly Springs or Clayton NC

  1. Hi Everyone! My name is Dianne & I am from Miami , FL. I have been accepted into an LPN program down here. I will be going to school & taking my boards in Miami then moving to either Holly Springs or Clayton. I was wondering what the job situation is like up there for LPN's. I had thought about going to school up there but have read about the waiting list's & price's so I decided to do it here before I move. Down here I will be starting school in Feb & the cost is 5,000 total for 14 months. If anyone knows of any schools about that price with a small waiting list I am open to suggestions!
    Thanks & I love this site!
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  3. by   WaynesvilleRN
    Yeah the waiting to get inot nursing programs can be tough...you actually might have some success being an out of state applicant.....LPNs have been slowly fading out of many settings. I still see them in offices and older ones in hospitals. The ones I know about at my hospital are being phased out as the retire......I am sure long term care uses them, but office settings would probably be your best bet......