LPN considering moving to Ashville area

  1. Hi, wondering how the job market is for LPNS in North Carolina. Thinking of getting my LPN moving out of state down to the Carolinas. Then work towards bridging over to RN.

    Heard a lot of recommendations about Asheville for people who love the outdoors so was curious how the market is. I Google it said about 400/500 LPN on average a year in North Carolina sound about right?

    Appreciate the feedback
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  3. by   ganurse58
    HI, im new to this site, i realize your post is little older, but just wondering if you ever mad the move to asheville, I am an LPN thinking of moving from ga, just wondering what the job market is like there fo lpn, i have 25 years experience as lpn and pretty good skills, on the downside im a little older, late 50s in info would be greatly appreciated,