Lake Norman/Sherrils Ford homecare

  1. Hi everyone,
    We will be moving to the Lake Norman/Sherrils Ford area in the near future. I am looking for information on homecare RN positions, salary ranges if anyone knows, and any tips would be appreciated!
    I am in Philadelphia, and I know the salary will be lower. It will be worth the cut in pay to be in beautiful NC.
    Also am going to apply for NC license soon. Any headaches I need to know ahead of time?
    Thank you all.
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    Yup, I'm from the area and Sherrils Ford is geographically "in the boonies" compared to Lake Norman, which is an incredibly expensive place to live.

    What part of town are you moving or have you decided? I would recommend the Huntersville Area, less expensive than the lake, still some affordable housing left, and close to the interstate, shopping, fun stuff.

    If you have to travel SOUTH to go to work, expect major traffic backups from the lake.
  4. by   gretchengirl
    I work for the local health dept and we cover home health in that area.