Jobs in matthews/charlotte nicu/picu

  1. Hi! I have been trying to convence my husband to move back to charlotte for a couple of years now. Well, he came home and surprised me by saying he has a job offer in charlotte but we would need to move there by the middle of january. So feeling a little overwelmed at the moment but excited! Is it difficult to get a position in a nicu or picu at either presbyterian or cmc? I currentley have 2 years experience in a level 3 nicu. We float some to picu and I know I would like it there as well. Also from what I have read it takes about 8 weeks to get my NC license. Does that sound about right to everyone? I have not started the endorsement process yet I plan on doing it next week. Thanks for all the help!
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  3. by   canteloupeRN
    I recently moved form NY to Charlotte this September. I got a temporary license within 1 week. have to finish the endorsement process within 6 months. Do everything online.