Finally my time has come...i have a job!!!!!!

  1. Hello to All,

    Okay guys I know I always come up here and talk about how nothing has come my way...NOT TODAY....I got a call from WakeMed....FINALLY!!!! I am in a unique situation...I already passed the NCLEX so I already have my license!!!! I will be starting my job late April!!!! I can't wait!!!! Four months of searching has finally came to an end!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!!

    P.S. Those who are waiting...I know this is going to be frustrating (just be patient)...and what is meant for you is going to be for you!!!!! Stay strong!!!!!!
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    Congratulations!!! I start orientation tomorrow at WakeMed Raleigh as a New Grad working on the neuroscience floor 5B. Where will you be. PM me and I will let you know how this week goes and we can keep in touch in the New Grad Fellowship meetings in May.