Fall 2010 MSON Applicants

  1. Anyone else waiting to hear from MSON regarding Fall 2010 admission. This is my first time applying and I can't stand the anticipation!
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  3. by   harley3
    Did you get in? Letters were mailed out last Thurs, Feb 25. I got waitlisted & have fingers & toes crossed
  4. by   TAMON
    No, I didn't get in or waitlisted. I didn't have all my pre-reqs done and I think that really hurt me. Good Luck on the waitlist. I hear that most who are waitlisted get in by the next semester.
  5. by   Melissa825
    I was wondering if one of you could tell me what your GPAs were or what you scored on the TEAS test. Im waiting on a letter from Mercy for Spring 2011 and its driving me crazy..