Ecpi nursing program

  1. Hello! I want to hear from RN graduates and students in the nursing program? Should I start this program or find another school ?
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  3. by   pmonai626
    It depends on you. If you, like me are at your wits end trying to get into nursing schools, and you can pass all of the entrance requirements I say go for it. It's a little expensive but it's worth it. It's a means to an end. I plan on getting my Associates from ECPI and then transferring to get my BSN. I'm currently taking my last prerequisite for the nursing program. If a goes, we'll, I will start in October. Best wishes to you bribery!
  4. by   briber09
    Hi! I haven't tried the community college route I'm going to try and see where that leads me first. Please keep me updated on your journey! What other schools have you tried?
  5. by   pmonai626
    I went to CPCC and took all but one of my prerequisites there. I'll keep you posted!
  6. by   briber09
    Thank you!! I'm going to take my prerequisites at Rowan cabarrus community college! Best of luck! Can't wait to hear from you!
  7. by   pmonai626
    Great plan! Talk to you soon!