Charlottte hospitals w/ on site daycare

  1. Hello. Does anyone know if any of the Charlotte area hospitals have on site day care or extended hours day care? I am just a student, but I like to plan ahead. My husband's job does not have flexible hours and my current daycare is only open 6:30 to 6:30. Thanks!
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  3. by   ksw01
    i work for presbyterian and they have an onsite daycare at the main hospital dwontown.
  4. by   TrophyWife
    Thanks ksw01,

    Do you know if they have extended hours? I mean if you have a 7a-7p shift what good is it if the daycare closes at 6:30 like the other area centers.
  5. by   BrayaRN
    I work for a Novant Health facility but not the main campus. However, I looked it up one time on our intranet (can't do it from home) and I remember thinking that the hours perfectly coincided with RN dayshift hours. I can't verify this, but I believe the hours were 6am-8pm. There is also daycare services for sick kids as well.