Cape Fear Valley Nurse Residency Feb 2015

  1. Hi All!
    I didn't see a thread for the 2015 cohort on here, so I figured I would start one. I am really excited because I was just emailed to interview for Cape Fear's residency program! I was just wondering who else applied, is interviewing, or if anyone from past cohorts is willing to share any information related to Cape Fear.
    Good luck in the process everyone!
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  3. by   tabby0126
    Hi. I am interviewing on wed, nov 5 for the med-surge. I am fromnew jersey. When are you interviewing?
  4. by   Bcdawber
    Ahh congrats! I'm from MA and I interview for mother-baby on Thursday.

    Good luck!
  5. by   superstar101
    So... how did the interviews go... Any updates?
  6. by   Bcdawber
    My interview went really well! Everyone was so nice. I was offered a job!
  7. by   superstar101
    Congratulations!!! Me too
  8. by   Bcdawber
    Congrats!! What track did you apply to?
  9. by   superstar101
    Emergency Department