Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

  1. Has anyone applied here recently? What is the admission process like? I just finished my application for Spring 2010. I'm way excited, but so anxious!
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  3. by   SRK77
    I started in Fall 09. I got waitlisted for Spring of 09. The application process was fairly painless. However, there is alot of paperwork to do after you get accepted, but I am sure that is the case with most nursing programs. Good luck on your application. I have enjoyed the past 2 months.
  4. by   NerdyNurse2012
    Thanks for the reply! I'm really anxious now waiting on letters to go out. According to what the admissions office told me, I should be hearing something in the next week or so.
  5. by   jfizz08
    I am applying for Spring 2010 also. Can anybody tell me what is a good g.p.a and ACT score to get into CCHS?