any adivce?

  1. I am debating and searching for the right RN school. I am an LPN. I want to go for my RN but the choices are mind boggling. My hours have been changed and are 10am- 6pm at work. I heard that Forsyth Tech has an online nursing program, but the clinical is in Atlanta or something like that. I emailed them and all they said was the class was hybrid which is a mixture of classroom and online work. Then there is Excelior college which is all online and a 3 day CPNE. Then Alamance Community College in Burlington has an evening program and clinicals on Saturday. How in the world can I choose? I don't know a lot about any of these schools. I have looked at the passing rate and they are good well excelior I can't find passing rate for but hte other two are good. How do you choose? :trout: :gandalf:
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    guess not!! thanks