2 week notice ?

  1. does anyone know what the north carolina laws are for giving notice? i was under the impression that if you gave 2 weeks that they would still have to pay you any accrued PTO you have. I handed in a letter of resignation on friday the 12th giving 2 weeks notice that i will be leaving on the 26th. This morning i was told that if i did not give at least 20 days notice that i will lose my PTO! Are they making this up as they go?

    P.S. no info re: this matter is avail on the nc dept of labor site and they arent answering their phones today:angryfire d/t MLK day!
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  3. by   sirI
    powernurse, I don't think giving notice is a state law in any state. It's up to the individual entity.

    You need to check your employee policy/procedure manual or contact HR.
  4. by   27YearRN
    Each facility has its own policies
    NHRMC in Wilmington requires a 4 week notice and has since 1996.
    You can find this info in your policy manual