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nonprofit salary negotiation

RN007 RN007 (Member)

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I just received my first offer for a psych NP position with a local, nonprofit integrated health system. This is the job I want and am happy to get the offer. The salary is a little lower than I expected and wondered if any of you working for nonprofits negotiated salary. I've always done this in other positions (this is my second career). The upside is, this site is eligible for federal loan payback.

BCgradnurse, MSN, RN, NP

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My first job was in a community health center that also paid less than a private or hospital associated practice. I was told the salary was non-negotiable. However, I did get the federal loan payback and when added in, put my compensation at a significantly higher level than the market. I worked my required 2 years there, and am in the process of transitioning to a new position in a private practice (with a higher base salary). It was well worth it for me to take the lower salary and get the loan repayment.


Has 5 years experience.

Thanks. That is exactly my situation. I accepted the offer and am very happy to be joining this organization.