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Noninvasive lead test?

Hello all, I just started a new job as a health manager at an organization that oversees Head Start and a huge problem we have when enrolling kids is that we have no blood lead test results.

A few people around the office have mentioned that they've heard of a lead test that is not invasive, a pulse oximeter type of device which I have NEVER heard of and cant find anything on forums or with Google.. AND they don't know the name or have any info for me :(

Have any of you heard of this or does anyone have suggestions on how I can get the lead levels on these kids without having to send them to the doctor because it is a very rural, low income area. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

They're probably confusing it with an oximeter that determines anemia

Interesting. I actually just heard from another WIC nurse in our clinic of a similar tool that resembled an oximeter that could specifically measure hemoglobin levels (in g/dL). I have not looked into further, though.


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