NJ License Verification

by 00MissRN00 00MissRN00 (New) New Student

Hi. I'm from NJ. Took the nclex today. I got around 167 questions. Does anyone know how long NJ will post up your license if you pass? Right away or in a few days? Don't want to do the Pearson Vue Trick.

The short answer is...it varies. I took the NCLEX on 6/25 in the afternoon. I had 2 friends test in the same time slot 1 at the the same facility as me and one at a different facility. I had an additional friend take it the same day as us in the morning and her license posted the next morning. She didn’t even have to pay for quick results! The rest of us took a week and many phone calls and emails. Everyone else who has been taking it from my cohort seem to be getting their license numbers in a day or so. I just got my paper license in the mail today!

Good luck!!!