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NJ :Carepoint Health SON vs Holy Name Medical Center SON

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Hi, I was hoping to have an open discussion about both nursing programs, Carepoint Health (formerly known as Christ Hospital) and Holy Name Medical Center. Would love to hear from former, current and prospective students. I have been accepted to both programs for Fall 2015 Day. I've been contemplating both schools for several weeks, and am still unsure of which program is best for me. I am currently located in Bergen County, so HNMC would clearly win in the convenient location category, but that is not the only factor I'm looking into. I'd like to know more about nursing classes, and how your day typically looks like for each semester or trimester, If one school has more clinical hours, and other things. I do plan to reach out to Carepoint and hopefully gather more detailed information but I figured it would be even better to get a student's perspective on this. I currently have about 20 college credits I'll be able to transfer, which means I can focus more on the nursing courses :)

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