Nightmares about starting school

by TeaOlive TeaOlive (Member)

Hi everybody,I will begin an accelerated LPN program in 2 weeks. I am scared to death! I have been having horrible nightmares about school and feeling so anxious. I read posts on this site daily and get more fearful. If anyone can who has already begun school give me a single piece of advice of what I should do first, second, third to get through this without having a nervous breakdown? I appreciate any and all responses! Thanks everybody.



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first take a breath, lol! just think of all the good that will come of you becoming an LPN and all the people you can help. just study and work hard knowing that this is required of you anyways! good luck! you'll probably do great because I'm a very nervous/anxious person as well yet somehow I channel that into productive work. atleast I try :)

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