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I've a face to face interview this Friday. Anyone have any opinions, feedback about this company. I've check out the website, however.. websites are varished.



I just started with them today as an RN Case Manager in San Diego. So far, they seem pretty organized and legitimate. They offer good pay, benefits, and mileage reimbursement; at least out here. It is also an hourly rate and not per visit which is kind of nice because you get compensated for visit time, driving, and charting. Where will you be interviewing?

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Indiana. On Friday.

The phone interviewer made a statement that sounded funky. Probation for 6 months? And according to her no mileage or gas pay. (gas today $4.15!!) It's a straight salary. Which can be okay if its a decent salary. Last position was per per visit. Lost $$$$$ as no overtime pay. Still did the hrs so my pts got care. Got tired of donating my life.

Naturally...when the big brass introduced the pay change from hourly to pay per visit it was explained to the field nurses that it was to cut out the overtime pay. *chuckling* I wonder if my lay off had anything to do with my remark of .." good! No problem. I'll not be working any overtime then. "