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NICU Travel Positions

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by adoula adoula (New Member) New Member

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Dear Folks,

I am a travel R.N. from Ky. with 30 plus years experience in NICU. I can work Level II or Level III. I am with on assignment, (a small company), but they have been great. I am their only NICU nurse right now and there are no openings, or they get taken so fast. Where are other NICU travel nurses working? What company are you with?

I do not wish to go with AMH, (American Mobile) or any of it's sister companies.

I cannot PM anyone yet as I have just rejoined this board.

I am really concerned about having a job as there are no pool positions here in Lexington and I have already retired form UK Children's Hospital...years ago.

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lccougar02 specializes in NICU and travel nursing.

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I am in the same boat as you!! My assignment is ending soon also, theres just nothing out there! I dont know what I am going to do...

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