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NICU Subspecialty Certifications


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I am on a certification grind (might as well since I have nothing better to do in quarantine)! Has anyone taken the subspecialty certifications (Neuro NIC and ELBW)? I know the results from those who took it last year have just recently come out. I was looking into the Neuro NICU Certification course by Synapse Care Solutions and the Golden Hour question book from the NCC. Do you think those are enough to pass the certifications?

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I am interested in taking the ELBW exam. I do not see a question book listed for the Golden Hour in the "Study Resources." The sample questions were easy. Did you take the exam?


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I have yet to take the exam! I have asked around and a lot of people have used the Golden Hour text to pass the exam. There are no question books for either exams. I was planning on using relevant sections from the Core Curriculum question book. Have you only been using the Golden Hour book?