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NICU RN too Air Force Reserves

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Hi All,

Currently I am working in the Neonatal ICU (which I love and have been working as a nurse for a little over a year), however I have always wanted to pursue a military career. Instead of joining the military straight out of high school, I went and got my BSN instead with the thought of joining the biliary later in my career. I have been doing research into the Reserves and I think I am the most interested in the Air Force. I'm looking for answers to a couple thigs:

1.) If anyone could give me personal testimonies of their time in the reserves and how you balance a civilian job?

2.) What is your civilian job and do you feel it compliments your military career?

3.) Would you recommend more experience as a nurse before transitioning to military nursing?

4.) Is the Neonatal ICU too specialized of an area to be in or would experience in the adult ICU benefit greater?

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There are NICU active duty jobs (very few), but I'm not sure if there are any reserve NICU jobs.  I should tell you that NICU is being phased out.  Currently deployed NICU nurses, along with peds and OB, work in either adult med-surg or outpatient clinics.  

The Air Force does not consider NICU experience to be ICU experience.  You won't be able to do any jobs that require ICU experience until you have at least 1 year of full-time adult ICU experience (surgical, cardiac, burns, or neuro ICUs are most desirable).

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