NICU to Research? Need advice!


Hi all! I've been working in a level IV NICU for a year and recently stumbled across a research position. I'm only 1 year out of nursing school and don't feel like the NICU is what I'm truly passionate about. I love the population and do truly care about all my patients, but I no longer feel excited for work or happy while I'm there. I also don't know if I truly love bedside nursing...any advice is welcome! I'd love to hear what other nurse researchers do and how they like it! Thanks!

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If you think you would like the research job -- don't be afraid to give it a try. Experienced NICU nurses are in high demand. If you don't like the research job, you probably wouldn't have much trouble finding another NICU job if you needed to. So you can try the research job without taking a big risk.