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  1. I just started peds recently and I LOVE working with kids. However, I realized I love working with babies much more than teenagers. I'm still very far from being a great peds nurse, still have a great deal of learning to do. But I'm thinking when I do become a better nurse with more experience, tom posiibly switch to NICU or well baby nursery. The problem with NICU is they're so great and knowledgable, and I'm far from it. I'm not brave at all, don't have the "nurse instinct" and don't know what to do in an emergency, as well as many procedures- NO CLUE! How do I become a better nurse? My hosp. has both a NICU and well baby integrated w/ postpartum, which is OK. Don't know what to do, but I do know I need to be better at peds before I move on (especially, if I find enough courage to go to NICU). Any suggestions?
    Alie N.
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  3. by   cshell1964
    Don't worry you will become a better nurse. Those thing just come with experience. Knowing that you don't know everything and are willing to learn is the most important. We hire new grads right to NICU. You would most likely have a pretty long , intense NICU orientation. If that is what you want, go for it! Good luck.