Soon to be new to NICU

  1. enguin: Hi, I'm just about to move into NICU nursing. I'm a 3rd year nurse, having just spent 2 years in paed oncology. I'm scared but excited about the change. Just wondering if there is any advice anyone can give me regarding entering into the world of NICU. Thanks
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  3. by   cocco
    Congrats!! I have no advice to offer since I am also newly entering NICU on Oct 2 after 1.5yrs in adult med/surg. I am also scared and excited. Good luck
  4. by   Gompers
    Welcome to the NICU forum!

    We're very active here, and there are lots of previous posts that will be of interest to you. Just go back over the past year (or two or three) and see what topics interest you. There is lots to learn in the NICU and we've helped many new NICU nurses over the years here. Good luck!