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  1. I'm a brand new grad and have accepted a position in the NICU. It's a level 3, 48 bed unit. I am really looking forward to starting, but I'm also nervous and scared! Anyone with advice to give me before I start? Thanks...
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  3. by   ginger58
    What an exciting position to be in! Of course you're nervous just like the rest of us seasoned nurses would be in a new area. Premies are more resilient that you think. Lots of lines, hoses, vents, etc. but you'll learn them one by one with time. They look overwhelming at first. Expect to be frightened, overwhelmed, awestruck and you'll be fine. With a good mentor they'll get you through it. Important to know normal newborn stuff so you know what's abnormal. I'm at the end of my career but I envy you having this opportunity!