Nurse/patient ratio

  1. Hi everyone

    looking for some direction. I am not a NICU nurse but I am a director of a maternity unit that includes a level II nursery. while I understand the basics of patient to nurse ratios based on acuity I need something to take to administration to explain why I staff the way I do.

    I can find articles about nurse/patient ratios for labor and PP thats easy but I can not seem to find any reliable source for level II anyone out there have any good places I can go to find them?

    thanks for the help

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  3. by   SteveNNP
    I'm not sure about a Level II, but in my last unit (Level IIIb) our manager used acuity guidelines from the Dept of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) in SC. I don't know what's available in NJ, since I've never worked as an RN in NJ.
  4. by   neomate
    Guidelines for Perinatal Care has the information you need, it if by the AAP/ACOG and a sixth edition just came out. Their reccomendations are accepted by my Directors.
    Good Luck