NNP's contracting for a job while in school??

  1. I am a NICU RN of 6 years applying for NP school in a month and have to chose NNP or PNP. I'm inquiring with my current employer to see if they can offer me a contract to work for them while Im still in school as an NNP. If this is the case I would choose NNP and take the job in my unit, its my dream job! Our NNP's never work nights and see stable patients only, super low stress. Thats what I want for my future career. If they cant offer me a contract to work for them I may not choose NNP. I just don't know if I want to chance it and work at other NICU's. I know this sounds crazy, but I love my unit, its the largest NICU in the country. My question is, has any one actually been so lucky to have a job contracted/promised to you while you were in school? I think I can be happy as a PNP, but newborns and preemies are what I love. Thanks for any input!
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