1. I am in my first semester of a combined NNP/CNS program, but am thinking ahead a little and have a couple of questions for you fine folks.

    None of the hospitals I have worked in have had a neonatal CNS (we have a critical-care CNS, but not one just for the NICU.) Do any of you work with a neonatal CNS? What is his/her role?

    I plan to take both the CNS and the NNP exams so I can work in either role, but would working as a CNS after graduation (not working as an NNP first) make it more difficult for me to be able to work as an NNP at a later time?

    Did anyone else out there get the joint NNP/CNS? How is it working for you? I would imagine that it wouldn't be possible to function in both roles at the same time, or would it?

    Are most NNP positions in the level III NICU, or do they work in follow-up or high-risk infant clinics as well? Our high-risk clinic does not have an NNP or a neonatologist, but rather a pediatric physiatrist. I found it odd that no one from neonatology was following these kids. Is that unusual, or are they usually followed up under pediatrics once discharged from the NICU?

    I guess that was more than a couple of questions...
    Thanks for any replies.
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