NICU poem

  1. Ok, I wrote this, let me know what you think.

    Pushing, pulling, letting, and doing.
    Progressing infants through time, one step,
    At a time.
    Riding the perpetual wave of life we are brought to sea, and pushed back to land.

    Hoping, wanting, wishing, pushing, and praying.
    Helping those who need it, without an exchange of words.
    Words we may see come in many forms,
    Grimacing, crying, stretching, wincing, sweating, breathing.
    Hoping, wanting, wishing, pushing, and praying.

    Tendered hands to brighten new souls.
    Hurt hearts watch over like angels flying above,
    Soft touch and calculated movements attempt to bring brightness, one that will shine between poles,
    For in this place we only want to call on love.

    Knowing the road we strive to drive upon it may sometimes fork,
    Forever we know there will always be work.
    Drowning in bipolar emotions we hope to deliver the wine, without the cork.
    For we will attempt to fly, be the stork.
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