Nicu Interview on This Week PLEASE HELP

  1. Hello ALL,

    I have a Job INTERVIEW in a LEVEL 3 Nicu at my current hospital and I am EXCITED but Terrified!!! IF anyone can give any interview pointers, common questions asked, and any particular Things I should ask the Nurse Manager it would be Extremely Helpful. I currently work with Adults on a Telemetry Unit, however NICU has always Been my Dream Should there be anything I should be studying to prepare? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ALL in advance
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  3. by   WittleOnesRN
    I am sure she isn't expecting you to know anything about NICU if you are coming from Tele. You could buy a book called "stable" and tell her you will be studying that. Tell her your long-term goal of being a NICU nurse. Nothing worse then training someone that leaves in a year.

    Interview question:

    Tell me about yourself?

    Tell me a situational conflict at work and how your resolved it.

    I personally type up answers to a bunch of interview questions so I am more prepared.
  4. by   Brand New BSN
    Thanks so much for your HELP