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  1. Hi everyone,
    My name is Sherry, and I just found you guys! I work in a level 2 NICU. I have been in NICU for 10 years, before that I was an ER nurse. I love working with babies and enjoy the challenge of a sick neonate. I stepped into the role of Patient Care Coordinator about 6 months ago. It has been interesting! Seeing how hospitals run from the management side is very different! I'm going to read some threads and try to get to know you guys!
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    Welcome Nicu! It's nice to have you aboard!
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    Welcome.... Pul up a seat and chat a while!!
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    We are glad you are here! Welcome!
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    We ARE glad you're here--there's lots of good sharing and support to be found here, and I hope you enjoy yourself!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to sharing info and learning from all of you!
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    Welcome NICURNMOM..........
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    Welcome - it is not always this fiesty - stick around and it will settle,
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