Im So Excited

  1. I am excited because I started my very first IV today at work.....I have never done an IV in my life I was so nervous as my baby was a lil chubby but I did it......I have yet to try the micro preemies even though I was told they are easier to do....I am very nervous when it comes to starting IV 's ........I just wanted to share this with everyone....................
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    WOOOOHOOOO! Good for you!!!!!!!!

    congrats, Gator
  4. by   renerian
    Do the snoopy dance!

  5. by   Heather333
    Way to go! Micropreemies are so much easier than the big term kids!

  6. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    Thanks everyone for your encouraging words.....I am going to keep trying .........
  7. by   researchrabbit
    YEE HAW!! Congratuations!
  8. by   dawngloves
    LOL!!! I love to get IVs!Good for you!
  9. by   RN always
    I am so jealous. I can't even start them on adults. I depend on the IV team too much. Anyways, good for you!
  10. by   Anaclaire
    Oh I'm sooo happy for you!!!!!

    Being successful starting IVs is always a confidence booster!!!