ICU while in school

  1. can i work in the icu or nicu while attaining my bsn? i eventually want to be a crna, so it would help if i can have some experiece. if i can how long before i could? i wont be an rn until i'm done with my bsn, because i'm doing a traditional bsn. thanks a lot
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    You can probably get a job as a tech in an adult/PICU/NICU while in school, but a lot of ICUs don't use techs as the nurset ratio is lower and admin doesn't see the need for techs there. You won't be able to count this toward your ICU requirement for CRNA school, you will however get your foot in the ICU door, and see some cool stuff.....
  4. by   rncjknicu
    I worked in the NICU and got my BSN. I'm now a Clinical Coordinator for Maternal/Child Department full time and geting my NNP. Be aware of your personal time management skills. Remember too that school has it's own stressors and so does an intensive care environment. Also, if your goal is CRNA you really should focus on adults. Most programs are not interested in candidates with neonatal backgrounds.