Gestational Ages

  1. We are working on a book for parents. It has come along very nicely. We are trying to divide up the gestational ages to help the parents understand where their baby is at when it is born. We have seperated them like so:
    23-25 weeks
    30-34 weeks
    We are having trouble finding info. I was wondering if there were any good suggestions???
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  3. by   dawngloves
    I know of one bookk in particular that breaks it down pretty good.
    Preemies: A Parents Guide to Premature Babies
  4. by   Tiki_Torch
    I believe you'd find Developmental and Behavioral Characteristics of Preterm Infants by Hadley & West to be very helpful for your needs. It's a small, wirebound book of 32 pages breaking down babies into:
    <26 weeks PCA
    26-28 weeks PCA
    28-30 weeks PCA
    30-33 weeks PCA
    33-36 weeks PCA
    36-40 weeks PCA
    and also has two great tables describing Signs of Stress in ICN Infants and Signs of Stability too. The glossary or terms and bibliography are good too.

    It only costs $6.70 if you are a member of ANN (Academy of Neonatal Nursing) and is only $8.95 if you are not. I've bought many things from the NICU Ink bookstore and have received them all very quickly and without any problems. They have some great books.

    You can see the book by going to this address:

    Good luck with your hard work! I'm envious that you are able to work in a NICU that supports what you are trying to do!!!!!!!!

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