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    My name is Ashlynn. I am a college student needing help to interview someone who is in the field that I want to be in which is Neonatal Nursing. I am hoping to speak with someone through email and ask them questions if that's possible.
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  3. by   babyNP.
    You're probably better off calling one the local NICUs where you live and doing it that way. You're not able to verify an internet stranger that they are actually a NICU nurse and the whole point of your assignment is to start making professional connections. Life life out loud! That's the problem with millenials today. I am one and guilty of the above in my younger-er days (never do it now, wink). Also we like avocado toast too much.

    best of luck, hope you are able to get into the NICU. best job I've ever had.
  4. by   Ashley 84190
    Hey, if you still need someone to interview, feel free to message me